About The School

Our Mission

The mission of Craighead Elementary School is to produce confident leaders who are inspired to reach their highest academic potential and are optimistic about their future pursuits which are necessities for becoming successful members of society.

The Craighead Pledge

I pledge allegiance to Craighead, my school. I pledge to be an honest and helpful person. I promise to do my part to keep our building and campus clean and neat. Most of all, I pledge to be the BEST student I can be so that my parents and teachers will be proud of me and I will be proud of myself.

Our Beliefs

  • All students at Craighead can learn.
  • Each student will be provided opportunities that will prepare him/her for a life-long educational journey.
  • A hands-on, motivated learning atmosphere will be provided as well as a variety of instructional approaches so that each student's needs are addressed.
  • Teachers, faculty, staff, and community members will provide a secure, stimulating atmosphere for the students at Craighead Elementary.
  • Students will work together to succeed in conjunction with the state of Alabama requirements.


The faculty and staff of Craighead Elementary School believe that students come to school with inquisitive minds and a desire to learn. We believe that it is our obligation to keep this curiosity alive as we enrich it with an enthusiasm to learn. We believe that children should be loved, reassured, and encouraged to meet their maximum potential.

The total child is the focus at Craighead. We recognize the need for parental involvement and work toward the enhancement of the bond between school and home. The need for community involvement and support is seen as critical areas for growth and development while in school.
It is recognized that the teacher plays a vital role in the development of the elementary school child. Craighead teachers believe in the worth of all children and provide experiences to meet these varied needs.

History of Craighead

Craighead Elementary School, located at 1000 South Ann Street, was established in 1943. The school was named in honor of Erwin T. Craighead, former editor of the Mobile Register, for his great interest and many contributions to the cause of education. The school has undergone many changes during its existence. Although Craighead opened as an elementary school serving grades one through five, it housed B.C. Rain High School while its building was under construction. It also housed middle school students for several years before it closed at the end of the 1981-82 school year.

The Craighead Elementary School building served a two-fold purpose for the Mobile County School System for the next six to seven years. Craighead has grown with the community and now stands with fifty classrooms, a media center, collaboration lab, computer lab, cafeteria, and gym. Craighead now services pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Craighead is proud to build on the heritage of its past, to prepare its students for a brighter future.